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Twelve Secrets to Getting Fair Compensation for Injuries

A special Guttlaw TM Fact Sheet for clients and friends of Rubin Guttman & Associates. LPA.

  1. Always tell the care givers in the emergency room about every symptom, ache and pain, making sure that your doctor notes what was caused by the accident and any worsening of a pre-existing condition since the accident.
  2. Don't delay in getting proper medical care. If you continue to be in pain or are unable to do your day-to-day activities, you may need treatment or therapy that a doctor should provide.
  3. Always keep careful track of your medical treatments and bills.
  4. When you see your doctor, make sure you tell them about everything you have felt since the accident, including any changes in preexisting problems since the accident.
  5. Always follow your doctor's instructions regarding treatment, medication, and home exercise programs.
  6. Treat consistently and always keep your medical and therapy appointments.
  7. Treat your injuries and aches and pains as serious, or the other side will never know.
  8. Keep track of all time missed from work because of your injury, doctor's appointments, physical therapy or chiropractic sessions.
  9. Never give a statement to the other driver's insurance company because they will find a way to use it against you.
  10. Never try to negotiate your claim directly with the other driver's insurance representative, They do this for a living and once they get you to commit to a settlement number, it is very difficult to move that number upward.
  11. Never sign any document or release given to you by an insurance company representative unless you are sure what it means (for example, property damage only). Otherwise, you may give away valuable rights. Remember, the insurance company is not there to help you; they represent their interests and the driver who hurt you.
  12. Always feel free to call us at (216) 696-4006 or (888) 488-8529 for a free case evaluation appointment with one of our attorneys.

This general information is provided as a public service and is not a substitute for legal advice.

Client Reviews
Without question, the attorneys at Rubin Guttman & Associates, L.P.A. did an exemplary job in settling my claim with the manufacturer of the prescription medication that led to my bladder cancer. It was clearly a long-shot that unexpectedly came through with a surprisingly large settlement. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of legal services. William H.
I have had occasion to use Rubin Guttman and his firm numerous times over the last 25+ years. In every encounter I have been represented with outstanding professionalism, experience and quality. Rubin and his staff kept me informed of every step that was taken on my behalf. I always felt confident that my best interests were most important. It always helps to hire the best. Richard H. Devaney
I had occasion to use Rubin Guttman's services, in connection with obtaining coverage from a well-known life insurance company, that ended with a completely satisfactory outcome for me. I cannot rave enough about the professionalism and quality of the service which I received from Rubin. They were as good or better as any of the major law firms NITA whom I have had previous experience. Jerry Rothchild