Heart Surgery Malpractice

Getting to the Heart of the Matter:

When is a Complication Following Heart Surgery Malpractice?

A Guttlaw Report TM

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) and heart valve repair/replacement surgery are two of the most important lifesaving advances in cardiac care. But precisely because they involve the arteries and the heart, life threatening and even life ending complications sometimes arise. When they occur because a doctor or medical care provider has departed from the standard of care, then the hospital or doctor at fault may be sued for negligence. That's malpractice.

Some examples from The Guttman Files:

  • An internationally prominent heart surgeon accidentally shoved a chest tube through our client's liver while repairing his mitral valve, causing bleeding, infection, several additional surgeries and a seven week hospital stay. That's malpractice and Rubin Guttman & Associates, L.P.A. obtained over a One Million Dollar verdict for our injured client.
  • Cardiac intensive care unit staff at a hospital failed to notice that our client's father was bleeding after his bypass surgery, resulting in his untimely death. Result: an almost One Million Dollar settlement for the gentlemen's surviving adult children.
How can you tell whether a tragic outcome was the result of misfortune or malpractice?

Evaluating whether an unhappy outcome was the result of medical negligence, or malpractice, requires the expertise of doctors and experienced lawyers like Rubin Guttman & Associates where we have been representing victims of medical malpractice for over 32 years. All the medical records, test results, radiologic studies and the like must be obtained and reviewed. Research must be done and depositions (pre-trial testimony) taken. We have access to some of the leading medical experts in the country and will do everything possible to evaluate your claim in order to determine whether a loved one or you has been the victim of medical malpractice.

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