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Trial Lawyers! The very words are enough to raise the blood pressure of most Ohio business owners. The Chambers of Commerce tell you to hate us; the Wall Street Journal tells you we're all evil; the insurance industry says we're the enemy. But whether you have an Ohio contract dispute, you're an Ohio real estate developer with a big construction defect headache, a denial of insurance coverage threatens your business, or your insurance company isn't protecting you against a claim in excess of your policy limits, you need the Ohio business litigation team at Rubin Guttman & Associates. For over 32 years we've been a "go to" Cleveland lawyers for businesses in legal crisis. We're Ohio trial lawyers who provide big firm quality at small firm prices. You pay for our partners' time; not twelve young associates talking to each other. We work in conjunction with your corporate counsel and work to preserve rather than disrupt existing relationships. As Cleveland business litigation lawyers, we provide legal solutions to some very thorny problems. Hourly, blended and contingent fee arrangements are available.

At Rubin Guttman & Associates, we're Ohio business litigation lawyers who have represented real estate developers, manufacturing companies, steel brokers, nursing home chains, medical and pediatric groups and service providers in disputes over cable television and eminent domain rights, insurance coverage, contract and business insurance coverage disputes. We put our expertise as Cleveland trial attorneys to work for Ohio businesses every day.

  • When a Cleveland area apartment owner experienced a fire which resulted in the death of a tenant whose family hired the vaunted Johnny Cochran to pursue a wrongful death claim, the Cleveland trial lawyers at Rubin Guttman & Associates was brought in to insure the case was resolved at no cost to the owner and without any publicity.
  • When a large Cleveland real estate developer discovered that a whole group of homes had been defectively built by an errant subcontractor, Rubin Guttman & Associates were brought in to quickly and quietly investigate what happened. We put together a crisis management team to provide unit owners with a quick resolution, even as staff was trained to deal with the possibility that media reporters might "ambush" them with embarrassing questions. The whole process was managed in a way that minimized the client's exposure and got the homes repaired without media involvement or damage to the developer's reputation.
  • When a transportation company faced a claim well in excess of its $1 million insurance coverage, we represented the company against its own insurance carrier to make sure that the transportation company was insured against any uninsured exposure.
  • When an Ohio condominium developer found itself being sued over a series of collapsing roadways, the Cleveland business litigation attorneys at Rubin Guttman & Associates brought in engineers, soil experts and others and successfully proved that a sub-contractor had fraudulently failed to provide premium backfill, despite documentation to the contrary. The result; litigation which compelled the sub-contractor to pay for re-doing the collapsed roadway junctions at the contractor's expense, with full indemnification of our client for all costs.

When you have business litigation needs, contact the Cleveland business litigation lawyers at Rubin Guttman & Associates. You'll find that we have the depth and experience to handle your business litigation at a cost that will enable you to fight for what's right.

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